FOSS Backstage Design

We are thrilled to announce FOSS Backstage Design — a sub-event of FOSS Backstage where we want to gather everyone interested in User Experience & Design within Free and Open Source software projects. The event will take place in Berlin on March 6th – the day after FOSS Backstage 2024. UX & Design talks have always been a part of FOSS Backstage, but with #FOSSDesign we want to dedicate an entire day to this important aspect in software development. Building a great user experience for FOSS projects comes with special challenges which is why we think those challenges should be discussed at a separate event. As a sub-event of FOSS Backstage we want to bring people from different FOSS projects together to exchange ideas and discuss best practices.

We invite everyone who works in UX & Design and also those of you who want to improve UX & Design in their FOSS projects. Together with this announcement we are launching a Call for Participation. Please submit your ideas for talks and workshops. We will have one stage to host talks and multiple workshop rooms to discuss and work on concrete issues.

Tickets for #FOSSDesign are available either as a 10€ upgrade for your FOSS Backstage ticket or stand alone for 25€ granting access only to #FOSSDesign – both options of course include food and drinks. For pupils, students, trainees, people on social welfare, retirees, people with disabilities and those facing economic hardship we offer a reduced ticket. If you can afford to support the event by buying a Supporter Ticket those are available starting at 50€ and you can choose to pay more.

We hope to meet all of you at the inaugural edition of #FOSSDesign in Berlin next year! As we are looking to create a program that is truly shaped by the community, we are eager to hear from you — please send your feedback and ideas to

We are looking forward to to your submissions! If you are as excited as we are please do us a favour and spread the word on #FOSSDesign taking place as well as our CfP.

If you want to support FOSS Backstage Design as a Partner please reach out to